์๊NUCAR สถานสัตว์ทดลองเพื่อการวิจัย





          Naresuan University’s mission is to become a research-based university before 2017. Life science research is one of the university major research areas in which laboratory animal plays an important role.

          The NUCAR is the unit desired to serve all the university researchers for all studies in rodents and rabbits. There is no satellite animal holding room outside the facility of NUCAR. In addition to the building construction cost, the university annually supports management budget to the center. Major regulations involving animal use and care approved by Naresuan University Animal Care and Use Committee (NUACUC) must be subsequently ratified by the University Administrative Committee

The NUCAR has primary responsibility for the implementation of the Animal Care and Use Program at Naresuan University. The NUCAR provides:

  1. Laboratory animal colony management and husbandry.
  2. Veterinary preventive medicine and medical care.
  3. Consultation pertaining to animal care and use, as well as veterinary medical issues in protocol development.
  4. Support for compliance with animal use protocols carried out in NUCAR facilities.
  5. Training in the care and use of laboratory animals.
  6. Reports of requirements to the NUACUC